The Venetia - Black

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**Pre-order the iPhone 12 on this page**

**ALL ORDERS FOR iPhone 12 ARE PRE-ORDERS AND WILL BE SHIPPED in late November to early December**

**Pre-orders are non-refundable**

A hand made, premium leather iPhone case crafted with quality in mind. Don't worry about forgetting your business cards ever again, because this case features a beautifully made "V-shaped" pocket for storing them while you're on the run. Be better, be bigger, be bolder!

Protection: 4/5 (slim build w/ raised bumper edges) - recommended use w/ screen protector 

Durability: 4/5 (leather may scuff)

Style: 5/5 (hand-crafted; genuine leather)

Shipping: Allow 1-3 days processing time before your order is shipped. 

Disclaimer: Since all of our items are made with genuine leather, the appearance of each case may be slightly different from pictures. This is caused by the natural variations in the material. It will be a great piece, regardless. 

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